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The Rancho Mañana subdivision of Cave Creek, Arizona is located inside the Rancho Mañana Golf Club. The original developers owned both the golf parcels and the interior parcels.  They sold the golf land to a separate investor group (then led by Joe Garagiola) and concentrated on selling lots for a development of custom-built homes.  
     The Rancho Mañana Homeowners Association ('HOA") was formed in 1987 under a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions ("CC&Rs") by the developer-declarant.  Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws were also adopted that year.  Rules and policies have been adopted by directors and members over the years.  The latest versions of these documents are contained in the "Documents" heading of this website.
     The Rancho Mañana subdivision was platted (Maricopa County Records 314-4) showing 107 lots (106 today).  The developer built the streets, now owned by the HOA.  Later the HOA built the gate and acquired part of an adjacent lot. The golf course gave  easements  for the gate area and traffic access on Miramonte Avenue from Rancho Mañana Boulevard to the gate.
     Once 75% of the lots were sold, the period of declarant control ended.  The homeowners assumed management  and elected a board of directors.  Under the CC&Rs, the HOA owns and maintains the common elements (the gate area and the streets).  All exterior changes to existing homes must be approved by an Architectural Committee.  All homeowners are subject to various "use restrictions" in order to maintain the harmony and character of the neighborhood. Upon purchase of property in the neighborhood, a buyer automatically becomes a member of the HOA. Membership includes the right to vote and the duty to pay assessments to maintain the common elements, enforce covenants, and pay management expenses.   These requirements were established by the developer in the CC&Rs, and even though the period of declarant control has ended, the restrictions "run with the land" and are binding on subsequent property owners. Later boards have adopted policies and rules which refine the CC&Rs, including requirements that new construction be in a Southwestern style, with stucco walls, flat roofs, muted paint colors, down-directed lighting, and desert-themed landscaping.
     The first lot was sold in 1987 and the first house built in 1988.  The most recent home was built in 2020. There are currently 98 single-family, custom-built homes, with 8 vacant lots.  A dozen owners are members of the Rancho Mañana Golf Club, a few belong to nearby clubs, several are part-time employees of the Golf Club, and others are former members or occasional players.